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Step 1. Access your Inbox

Check “Promotions” and “Junk mail”

Step 2. Open the confirmation email

Subject: [Salanora] Confirm Email

Step 3. Click on the Confirm Subscription button

You will receive the guide directly on your email.

I have sent you an email to your email with the subject [Salanora] Confirm Email.

Check your junk mail box or promotions if in a few minutes you have not received any email.

Open the email and click on the “Yes, I confirm the subscription” button.

85% of our subscribers confirm their email address in less than 5 minutes, the rest doesn’t get the gift so you know, go to your inbox and confirm right now!

Can't find it?

Check the "Junk Mail" or "Promotions" folders

Check the Junk folder or Promotions
If in 5 minutes you do not receive any confirmation email it is likely that it has gone to the “Junk Mail” folder or if you use Gmail, to the “Promotions” folder. Check these folders and confirm your subscription now.

Have you entered your email correctly?
If the email does not arrive, it could be that you have confused yourself in some letter when writing your email, you can subscribe again.

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