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Living in or moving to Marbella is one of the best decisions you can take. This is a nice place where you can easily get things done and get settled quickly. However, whether you are changing your location within Marbella, or you are just moving in, anything that will make you need to have a new home decoration, here are some of the 5 best furniture stores in Marbella to consider.

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin furniture store in Marbella is one of the topmost stores you can find around. The store has a wide range of products for interior design that is not limited to furniture alone. Highly inspired by the eclectic experiences and research around the world. Andrew Martin store have an excellent design team that has produced various glamorous mixes of products that infused cultures with touches of charming friskiness that redefine any interior design to taste, irrespective of what you want in the furniture to beautify your home.

andrew martin marbella

Roche Bobois

Getting original furniture designs and products becomes effortless when you visit Roche Bobois. This remarkable store in Marbella has wealth of qualified designers all around the world that made top-notch and amazing furniture that satisfy several customers. A look into Roche Bobois furniture store quickly reveals their wide range of highly functional yet beautiful designs that celebrate the best of Marbella style. They also offer to produce customize design that uses quality fabric that matches your interior design and give your room iconic views from all angles.

roche bobois marbella

Bo Concept

Bo Concept stores in Marbella and Mijas have over the years proven their creativity and outstanding practice in furniture design. Various customers have commended their great services in delivering furniture that is characterized by timeless styling and functionality. If you are looking for modern essentials that give your home decoration or office undeniable appeal and sophistication, this is certainly the place to go.


Located also in Marbella, this is an outdoor home furniture store to easily get your interior design products and get them fixed. The Kettal furniture store has varieties of quality furniture that can be fixed for your home design. Depending on what your want, Kettal is one of the top spots for getting quality furniture for your outdoor home decoration. You can locate them or make inquiries by contacting them through their online details.

kettal marbella furniture store

Made To Measure Furniture By Salanora

Marbella is certainly a place to find any kind of furniture for your home design. However, it does happen that all the beautiful pieces available on the market do not fit your space or your specific requirements. Here we come with a solution – your bespoke made to measure furniture by Salanora. We work with professional and experiences team of carpenters and furniture designer to make all your dreams come true. From dressing rooms, wall paneling to freestanding custom-made pieces of furniture for indoor or outdoor. You tell us your wish and we make it happen.

There are various good furniture stores in Marbella to buy your furniture. However, just as buying quality furniture is important, so is getting an expert interior designer like Salanora to help you in fitting that furniture into your home and make it look attractive and eye-pleasing. Salanora is a Marbella-based interior designer and can be easily contacted online, just drop us an email to get the job done.


For Online Shopping Lovers

We all know that nowadays most furniture are being chosen from catalogues and they are then being made to order. It makes us feel special and exclusive but this meets with a long waiting time for our chosen items. 

There are situations when we know exactly what we want and what we look for and we want it NOW! In this case, the best option is a reliable online furniture supplier that guarantees good quality, great customer service and quick deliveries. Our favorite in this category is without a doubt is Bloom&Wave. We have used their services for ourselves and for our clients. Check out their website and enjoy your shopping!

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