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While nobody can ever truly be the second coming of Picasso – the founding father of cubism – there is a whole new budding genre of eclectic artwork that’s features an evolved forms of cubism. It’s wacky, unique and highly eclectic – an art form that makes the perfect statement piece in any interior design.

At Salanora, we like experimenting with various design accessories, and we’ve found that a strikingly bold painting is just what a space needs to make an instant impression. Therefore, we would like to introduce you Miguel Ángel Belinchón Bujes – a graffiti artist better known as BELIN, the founding father of a new art movement called POSTNEOCUBISM.

Belin, born in Linares, Jaen, was always a creative child and later an art school student during his teenage years. But it is the street where he learnt the art of graffiti and became its master. Mostly self-taught, he is now well known from his large scale graffiti murals not only in Spain but all over the world. His art is a mix of hyperrealism and cubism in one. By using only his imagination, instead of templates, he has created art works for many famous brands and people like Sephora, Kat Von D and many more.

Kat Von D Oil and Acrylic 200x120cm

Luckily for us, his art can be also seen on canvas. We assure you that such postneocubism piece of art in your interior will make an impressive statement. Let´s take a look on how to incorporate postneocubism art in your interior and why you need one of them in your home:

Cultural Heritage

Pablo Oil and Acrylic 80x60cm

Since the Postneocubism artwork style is inspired by Pablo Picasso’s ingenious and globally appreciated cubism style, having such an art form in your spaces is like a dose of cultural heritage in your interior. It enriches the overall ambiance, which is why we love using such bold art in our interior design projects. We find that it looks quite impressive and complements almost all manner of styling.

Striking Colors

Nikone Spray 200x350cm

The Postneocubism art style by Belin features a rich colour palate. With bold abstract designs and amazing disjointed expressions, there is a plethora of vivacity and eclectic colour schemes in this style that never fail to attract the eye. Using such an art form in your interior is an excellent way to emulate an eclectic vibe in your spaces.

Instant Statement

Dobby Oil and Acrylic 80x60cm

If there ever was an artwork style that embodies panache and creative designs, it’s the Postneocubism style. Belin has emulated such a vivacity in his pieces that they instantly make an impression on anyone who’s looking. This is why using it in place of a statement art is an excellent choice. A large expanse of Postneocubism art on a simple feature wall is going to make an instant statement.

Ode To Realism

Salvador – one of the paintings for Hong Kong exhibition

Many of the pieces by Belin have a unique photorealistic touch to them. The cubism-meets-realism is an extremely unique concept. To have such an artwork collection in your home will definitely make an impression on anybody who visits. The disjointed re-composition is very eclectic and perfect for making an impressive feature in your interior.

As you can see, the amazing visual versatility and striking beauty of the Postneocubism style by Belin is an accessory that can complement even the most drab of interior designs and bring it to life.

To find out more about Belin and his artwork please visit

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