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Interior design styles have always been influenced by many factors such as geographical location, climate, culture and tradition. So when it comes to Marbella interior design, it exudes nothing but luxury influenced by the splendor of this Southern town of Spain.

Marbella, is a glamourous Spanish resort town, with mountainous backdrops and surrounded by beaches along the Mediterranean coast, that makes it a bonus. It is very popular for its opulent homes and lavish lifestyles. With the best climate conditions in the whole of Europe, Marbella is also famous for its amazing architectural structures. Undoubtedly, we can say that the Marbella interior design style is positively impacted by all of this.

So what exactly makes Marbella interior design so luxurious?

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When it comes to Marbella interior design, you can see that it heavily relies on a contemporary Mediterranean style of decor with an Andalusian touch, comprising of vaulted ceilings, painted tiles and natural stone walls. There are houses that are distinct to a modern Scandinavian touch as well, with neutral walls, modern furniture and minimalistic decor.

What makes Marbella interior design so famous is that it is moving from simple minimalism to bold maximalism but with a modern twist. Maximalism consist of a fearless and daring design approach with mixture of colours, patterns, unique furniture style and lots of variety in decor. Maximalism is trending and it is more about extravagance, compared to the simplicity of a minimalistic decor. When it comes to Marbella houses, maximalism is defined by the use of bold aesthetics but with a high focus on the functionality of the space.

Let us look into the features that are so distinct to this kind of regional style.

When it comes to a colour palette, houses are usually painted in neutral shades such as white, cream, beige and earthy tones that depicts more of a Mediterranean touch. It is safe to say that this prepares a blank canvas for rich accessories and decor.

Natural materials such as marble tiles are primarily used for floorings. Stone walls and wooden panels are a common feature in Marbella interior design, that introduces a warm and cozy effect.

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When it comes to architectural elements in Marbella interior design, high vaulted ceilings are visible in most of the contemporary, modern homes and they offer a sense of grandeur and bring in dynamism and drama to the space. Vaulted ceilings are highly functional as they help to create bright and airy spaces and are more suited for open style living. False ceilings are common to this style, with recessed lighting for a soft and intimate feel. Clean, simple lines are clearly visible in the interior structures and walls.

Marbella homes are rich in patterns and textures that vastly contribute to the opulence of the space. You will see a mix and match of different patterns and textures either in a single shade or in various different colours, in form of throw pillows and rugs that add a visual interest in a room. Most of the upholstery material include cotton, linen and velvet for that plush feel.

Marbella furniture consists of chairs and sofas with Scandinavian style solid legs or a classical, ornate Baroque style touch that instills timeless splendor.

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Lighting plays a crucial role in Marbella interior design. Large windows bring in lots of natural light, enhance outdoor views and create airy spaces. When it comes to artificial lighting, soft warm lights are used to illuminate the space and highlight the architectural elements, accessories and decor. Light fixtures such as pendant lamps and chandeliers are a mixture of modern and transitional, ranging from crafted sleek and stylish metal structures to intricate candle style ones. These fixtures immensely contribute to the extravagant feel of Marbella homes.

The best part about Marbella interiors is the use of bold accessories and artefacts to give prominence. You will see classical gold or metal ornaments to sculptures, statues and other accessories adorning the floor, coffee tables and consoles. Abstract art is used to beautify the walls. And yes do not forget the indoor plants which enrich the spaces and add a refreshing touch.

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Undoubtedly we can conclude that Marbella interior design seamlessly balances modern style with classical elements. It harmoniously blends both, to bring in that magnificent touch and a wow factor but with a sustainable approach.

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