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If you have your rental apartment on the market at Costa del Sol, you would certainly need to know the latest trends in home decoration in this part of Spain. However, you might be wondering what could that be, here are the home decoration trends for rental apartments in Costa del Sol you must care to know to improve the comfort and marketability of your property.

Outdoor dining rooms

One of the trending home decorations for rental apartments in Costa del Sol is the dining rooms that are well place outside. No matter if summer or winter, at Costa del Sol with 320 sunny days in a year, you will always have the opportunity to enjoy your alfresco lunch, dinner, or a cup of coffee. Outdoor dining rooms are always a trending option in home design.

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Vertical gardens

Everyone is now trying to make everywhere lush with a natural outlook. Whether interior design or outdoor terrace design, adding a wall or vertical garden is one of the trendy practices in home decor in Costa del Sol. Natural walls or vertical gardens not only look amazing but also provide the building with sound insulation of the house and improves air quality.

Sustainable Paint (Non-Toxic, Eco-friendly)

Decorating homes to fit trends for rental apartments in Costa del Sol is to use some of the best Sustainable paint that is non-toxic and eco-friendly when applied. These types of paints are free of airborne chemicals or gases that can cause harm to your health. Some of these sustainable paints include the likes Clare paint, Backdrop, The Real Milk Paint Co., ECOS Paint, BioShield, Earth Pigments, etc.

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Entrance Hall

Recent research studies have shown that many home buyers and tenants are now looking for a home that has an entrance hall. This is more ideal for home occupants that tend to have guests or visitors often. Entrance halls and foyers are now becoming one of the latest things tenants now cared about when looking for a new space to rent as their home.

Availability of Work Space

With the recent covid-19 pandemic, it is not surprising why many homeowners and tenants are now adding workspace into their home design. As more people are now working from home, so there are changes in terms of home decoration for many people. There is not always space for a proper home office, but everyone will find a corner to create a little work area. And the demand for workspaces in home design is believed to increase in the future.

Kitchen Storage Facility

Indeed, the covid-19 pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, and Costa del Sol is not an exception. With the way many people are working from home, or students taking classes from homes, there is a need to stock homes with foods and daily needs. Hence, both homeowners and tenants are constantly looking or ensuring their kitchen space has enough storage facilities to cater for them for a longer period.

Contactless Homes

As the world changes, thanks to advancement in technology, so is home design in Costa del Sol changes for good. Many homeowners and tenants now design their houses with the latest gadgets such as avant-garde appliances, voice regulators, or doors with facial recognition. A good domotic system is currently a must in every luxurious property, but even the smaller apartments are full of technological gadgets.

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