Interior Design trends

Designing a hotel interior is no small feat – you need to carefully evaluate each and every functional aspect and artfully blend it with creative designs that improve the aesthetics. However, there are a few popular trends that are evergreen and timeless enough to be widely embraced throughout the world. At Salanora, we like to keep up with them all, so today, we’ll be sharing some inspiring hotel design trends you’ll see all over the world.

Beautiful Colour Combinations

Trendy colour schemes that have a lush impact on the guests are a key component of every hotel interior design. Imagine walking into a hotel lobby with garishly neon colour scheme – you’ll get an instant headache. Instead, you must refer to the colour psychology chart before locking down the final palette. Whites, purple, golds, burgundies and cool blues are a good place to start searching!

Mixing The Indoor-Outdoor Landscape

The unique connection of indoors and outdoors has become a staple in most hotel interiors all over the world. It takes a lot of thought to beautifully amalgamate these two aspects through creative designs. We’re lucky to have lots of hotel interior designs in Marbella and the rest of Costa del Sol that embrace this trend wholeheartedly. You can see large glass walls in hotel cafes and restaurants that connect to beautifully landscaped outdoors, rooms that connect to green terraces and penthouse suites that connect to beautiful roof gardens.

Impressionable Lobby Features

Most of the popular hotel interior designs would be nothing if they didn’t have an impressive lobby and a memorable centrepiece. This is one of the most important and inspiring hotel design trends as it helps carve out a lasting memory in guests mind. So even if after a year or two they do not recall the hotel name, they will definitely remember the stunning atrium lobby or the sculptural centrepiece placed in front of the reception.

Green Design Elements

‘Green design’ can actually refer to both technological incorporations as well as literal greenery. A good hotel usually uses both these aspects in its interior design. A hotel building that’s eco-friendly and runs on sustainable energy offers much more incentive for the guests to be happy than a regular one. Similarly, incorporating greenery in innovative ways throughout the hotel interior (like vertical gardens) can result in a two-fold refreshing vibe. At Salanora, our creative design team do their best to blend the best of both worlds.

A Vernacular Impact

The thing about hotel design is that it’s not something you can simply copy and paste – you need to emulate a distinctive and unique flair in the interior design to truly make an impact on the guests! Most of our hotel interior designs in Spain are distinguished because we like to emulate indigenous Spanish elements in them. This helps us imbue a sense of vernacularity that totally wows the guests and helps make a lasting impression.

So these are the some of the most inspiring and impactful hotel design trends you’ll find not only in Marbella and Spain, but all over the world. Their universal application is a must-know for all potential guests and business owners.

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