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When it comes to designing a space, one of the most challenging tasks faced by the designer as well as the client is to envision the space before it is executed. Concept planning can be very challenging since you cannot see the elements of design in a realistic form. During early times, designers used to hand sketch or draw their designs and room perspectives to show their clients. But now with the innovation of technology, design demonstration has become much simpler with the use of 3D interior design.

What is 3D interior design

3D interior design visualization demonstrates a room with all its elements including textures, materials, colours, lighting and furniture with the production of a photorealistic three dimensional perspectives. Designers first plan the layout using two dimensional floor plans and then model it out using a 3D design software. There are many software options available today to design 3D interior models. Let us look into a few advantages of using 3D design for the designer as well as the client.

Saves time and money

3D interior design can play a big role when it comes to saving time and money. A small mistake during design concept creation can cost a whole lot of time and money. A complete visualization of the space and design before execution makes the process quite easy on budget and time. Imagine having to paint a room in a certain colour and then realizing that it doesn’t suit the space. 3D design offers the flexibility of selecting different colour combinations and experiment it in virtual space before the actual application.

3d design marbella
3d interior design mabella

Offers Comprehensive view and easy amendments

An interior designer, once done with the initial planning and layout, can design a 3D interior design visualization or walkthrough for the client. This can give a holistic view of the space, inclusive of all the design elements and structural components. This step can make it very easy to comprehend the space, before the execution of the actual design. If the client or designer needs to make any alterations, it can be easily implemented with the help of 3D. A piece of furniture can be moved, or the elements can be changed within seconds in a virtual space. 3D design also reflects upon the technical aspects, for example the designer and client can get an idea of the amount and type of lighting required in a particular room.

Offers transparency and avoid miscommunication

It is very important that a client and designer are on the same page for implementation of a successful scheme. A smooth process leads to good results. Sometimes in case of hand drawings, 2D plans and sketches; design concept is not 100% clear or communicated effectively. But in 3D interior design, the space is actually in front of your own eyes. This offers greater clarity, sorts differences and helps in better communication between the designer and the client in terms of design conceptualization. A small mistake or misunderstanding can sometimes lead to a big financial blow for both.

In addition to this, 3D interior design has made a great impact in the digital world. Most people have started opting for virtual design consultations, to save time, money and the effort of visiting a design firm physically. Many designers offer online consultations today. All these benefits make 3D interior design a service in demand, therefore making it an important part of any design project today. You can find out more about our 3D interior design service here.

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