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If you have already decided on an interior design style for your house – that’s great… but wait a minute! Yes, we know that choosing colours, textures and models of your furniture is the most exciting part of interior design process, but let’s put it on a side for a while. First, think about the function of each space in your house: what is it for? Who will use it? How often? Think about your lifestyle: do you cook a lot? If so, you will probably need more prep-space (there is never enough if you cook often). Do you read a lot? Maybe you will need a comfortable armchair with a lamp to enjoy your evening readings even more? Do you have children? Remember that they also need their own space, no matter their age. These are just a few questions you need to ask yourself before you start the interior design of your house. This will lead you to SPACE PLANNING which is ABSOLUTELY THE MOST IMPORTANT part of interior design. You need to make the space around you to function the way you want it. Whether you are furnishing a new house or renovating your apartment, you need a plan in mind. Before you start any furniture shopping, consider the space planning tips we prepared for you.

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Measurements first!

Draw a plan of your house. If you want, you can use computer software to do it, but to be honest a large piece of paper, a ruler and a pencil is more than enough for this task. Measure the heights and widths of each room. (Remember this plan has to be done to scale so the proportions will be kept). Also, take a note of the position of light switches, sockets, vents, thermostats etc.

Placing Furniture

Here is the part when you need to know the function of each room. You can divide each space into zones to make the space planning easier. For example, a common thing to do is to make your dining area near the kitchen, but remember you don’t necessarily want to do what’s standard. If you like to enjoy your garden view while having lunch, go for it and put your dining table next to the terrace window. It’s all about you and your lifestyle.

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Proportions and Scale

It’s important to point out that proportion doesn’t mean symmetry. It means balance. Don’t place all the furniture against one wall leaving the other ones empty – better break up the space by placing some pieces out in the room.  If you have a large sofa and armchairs, make sure your rug will be proportionally large as well – don’t place a small rug that will look like a doormat comparing to the size of your sofas. Try not to overfill your space, but also don’t leave it like there is something missing.


What people tend to forget the most is the circulation space i.e. traffic flow. After you made a draft of the furniture position, you should make sure that there is enough space for people to move around them. Think of the way people will walk from one zone to another. Remember also to leave enough space for using the furniture – to open the drawers, cupboards etc

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Focal Points

It’s not necessary, but helpful to choose a place in the room that will be the focal point. Then it’s easier to design the rest of the space around it. Human eye is drawn to focal points, and will scan the space when entering it. So when it’s done correctly it gives the WOW factor to your space. In bedrooms, the focal point can be a headboard, in living rooms – a fireplace, in kitchen – a kitchen island. The choice is yours

After considering your lifestyle, thinking of yours and your family needs, taking measurements and carefully placing the furniture on the plan, you are on a good way to master your interior design skills! There are many software and online options to help you plan your perfect layout. Spend some time working on space planning, moving the furniture around and trying different options. This will help you to create your dream interior that functions perfectly with your lifestyle, which at the end is what changes a house into HOME.


Feeling overwhelmed?

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