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When we think about designing our homes, we need to find the best interior design style that would reflect our taste and personality. Designing a space without a style in mind can go haywire and a total mismatch. Therefore, it is really important that we discover our style first before going further with the process.

Styles can be somewhat difficult to distinguish at times. There is modern, traditional, Scandinavian to retro, boho and country style. One of the most loved styles today is contemporary. A style that stands in between modern and traditional aspects and an absolute designer favorite.

What is contemporary design style

Contemporary as the word states is ‘occurring at present’, therefore we can define it by saying that it is the style and design of the moment. The feel is classical yet it has a combination of current and modern trends. Sometimes this style is confused with a modern style, which is inaccurate. Modern can be overly minimal and sometimes too cold and bland, but a contemporary interior design can be simple and warm with textures, light decorative elements and a distinguished colour palette. To create unique contemporary spaces, we need to stick to some basic rules which we will discuss here.

Soft colour palette

palo alto interior design marbella

Most contemporary style enthusiasts prefer having a lesser interference of colours and opt for mainly neutrals and monochrome touch. Shades of white, beige, grey, taupe, cream and earthy tones make up most of this interior design style. Black is used sparingly as an accentual touch. Neutrals and whites are used as a base or as a blank canvas sometimes, with a hint of colour to add depth to the space and create a contrasting effect. For example, a contemporary grey and white bedroom can have a red accent wall that adds a bold statement. Or a living room can have colorful accessories or throw pillows for a refreshing look, which can be replaced if needed, with time, according to your taste and mood.

Sleek and simple furniture

3d visuals living room

Furniture in contemporary interior design has a no fuss, ‘less is more’ concept with a focus on form and functionality both. The emphasis here is on a modern style of furniture, with a minimal approach, consisting of smooth geometric lines that are clean straight or elegantly curvy. The chairs and sofas mainly consist of exposed legs, minus carved details, ornamentation and decoration. Naturally toned wood, metal and glass are widely used as furniture materials.

Textile, textures and patterns

contemporary interior design

Upholstery material in this interior design style, consist of neutral toned, natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, linens, faux fur, velvets and silks that has a soft textural feel and add the much needed warmth that is required in the space. This can be accessorized with colorful throw pillows and rugs in geometric, abstract or light delicate patterns, without any heavy fussy prints. Since contemporary style invites lots of natural lighting, window coverings have a bare, casual look, with plain sheers, light drapes or blinds that do not obstruct lighting and exterior view.

Decorative cushions on the photo above are from Casamance.

Decorative elements

Since the overall focus in a contemporary space is on a minimalistic approach, with neutral colours and simple, functional furniture. You can add a bit of a creative and stylish touch with decorative elements such as vases, lamps, light ornaments and frames. Adorn the walls with abstract painting or have some indoor plants and flowers to introduce some greenery into the interior design space.

To conclude, there are many contemporary interior design tips. But it is mainly about creating sophisticated spaces that are easy on the eye, minimal and inviting. However, we hope that you follow the tips that we mentioned above to create a beautiful contemporary home for you and your family.

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