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We are all aware that trends tend to change every year. There are new things introduced that are considered to be “in”, and many things go out of style. However, there are some styles that are just timeless and you won’t make a mistake choosing them. Vintage style is definitely one of those. Vintage details are highly used in the interior design of Marbella and interior design in Costa del Sol.

When choosing a vintage interior design that is still modernistic, the line between having a very elegant interior versus your place looking like your grandmas’ is very thin. In this context, it is of crucial importance that you have balance combining the past and the present. We at Salanora will help you to do exactly that.

Play with colours

retro look 5

retro look 3

retro look 5

retro look 4


Depending on how far back you want to go with the style, you can choose to use the retro bright colors to spice up your house, apartment, villa, or else. This may also be the easiest way to bring retro vibes to the rooms you want. Some of the most famous retro colors are avocado green, mustard yellow, bright red, navy blue, etc.

Add antiques


antique 3

antique 2


antique 4


Trying to achieve the vintage look is most commonly successful when antiques are introduced in the full interior design. The feeling of past, simpler times is much easier achieved by authentic old elements, then new ones that just look old. When you are choosing antiques, you have to make sure that they are in excellent condition. Otherwise, they will just make your design look old and outdated. Just because something is old, doesn’t make it a good fit for your space.

Kitsch Wallpapers


wallpaper 2


wallpaper 4


wallpaper 3


Nothing screams retro like overly detailed wallpapers. What’s even better, these over-the-top wallpapers are trendy these years on their own. So you won’t make a mistake using them. Choose floral prints, or geometrical shaped wallpapers to give your walls plenty of personality. Moreover, to make your residential interior design even more retro, you can choose checkered tiles for the kitchen. These types of tiles give out that 70’s diner kind of vibe.

Add vintage details

vintage details

vintage details 3

vintage details 2


Making everything vintage style would very likely be too much. Instead, in addition to the few high-grade antiques, adding small vintage details may be the perfect way to take your interior design to the past. There are countless things that you can add starting from random objects like vintage suitcases instead of a table, elegant ottomans, a gossip bench, an old record player, a rotary phone, vintage paintings, etc.

Use a few antiques as a focal point

focal vintage

focal vintage 4

focal vintage 3


The focal point is the thing that draws first the attention of people when they walk into the room. Choosing a great antique as your focal point will set the “mood” for the rest of your full interior design. You can choose different types of furniture for this purpose, maybe a couch, or a nice vintage dining table, a chair, or even a vintage rug that’s in a good state. Pick a few pieces to make the focal point, but be careful again not to over-do it. You don’t want your home to look like an antique shop.

Merging vintage and modern styles can be a tricky thing. That’s why the best thing is to contact a professional that knows how to properly combine them.


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