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The bedroom might be the most private part of a residence, but that doesn’t mean that its ambient design comes second to the rest of the home. In fact, at Salanora, it’s our utmost endeavour to make bedrooms as gorgeous as possible. We understand that good lighting is the key to create the best spaces. Therefore, all of our residential interior designs in Marbella, Costa Del Sol and the rest of Spain have a special focus on bedroom lighting. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the types of nightside lamps you can use to spruce up your bedroom in the best way!

Table Lamps

The ever-classic table-lamp aesthetic is definitely a timeless way to smarten up your bedroom with the help of ambient lighting. At Salanora, we’ve come up with many creative designs to emulate table lamps in our residential interior design projects throughout Spain. Here’s a thumb rule that you must always remember: table lamps look best when set on traditional floor standing nightside tables. They don’t look quite as wholesome when displayed on floating or highly sleek and modernistic nightstands.

Wall Lamps

Wall lamps are an excellent alternative to table lamps. They allow you to fully utilize the top surface of your nightstands while providing good ambient lighting. These are usually installed a few feet above the nightstand and are available in a number of different styles. Many of our residential interior designs feature the wall lamp aesthetic in both modern, traditional and contemporary style bedrooms. Wall lamps can easily add a sophisticated hotel-like feeling to your bedroom.

Pendant Lamps

Lastly, we’ve got the pendent lights that can be hung above the nightstands. What kind of an interior design you can use them in totally depends on their design – some have a very industrial appeal, while others emulate a gorgeous contemporary aura. We’ve come up with a number of creative designs to use these in a number of our residential interior design projects. They look especially gorgeous when the nightstand design is plain, and decorated with a number of accessories that are highlighted by the glow of the suspended lights. Sometimes, they can even be used in clusters.

Mix it up

If you love asymmetry and eclectic designs then you’ll definitely appreciate mixing up all your light fixtures. To realize this aesthetic, you can opt for tall floor lamps on one side of your bed and set up a small, stylish table lamp on the nightstand of the other side. Or you can hang a group of pendant lights at one end while going for a trendy classical style lamp on the other side. You can even use mismatched table lamps on both side-tables. All of these ideas have a very stylistic and personal appeal and we mostly use them in the more upscale residential interior designs in Marbella.

So these are the popular types of nightside lamps you can use to spice up your bedroom aesthetic. We hope we helped you get a hold of some creative options!

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