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Natural and Synthetic Rattan Furniture

First things first. It´s important to understand that natural rattan, a very durable material from a fast-growing plant, is an indoor-use-only material! However, the rattan wicker weaving method reminds us so much of a tropical forest in Bali, that the furniture designers decided to create an imitation of this beautiful material to be able to make rattan-like furniture for exterior.

Nowadays, synthetic rattan is the most common material for rattan outdoor furniture. We all tried to replace it with modern metal or rustic wood, however rattan outdoor furniture have a tendency to always come back to our gardens and terraces.

Another fact that people are confused about very often is the difference between rattan and wicker. The difference is simple: rattan is the material and wicker is the method of weaving it.

Today we would like to present you with some beautiful natural and synthetic rattan pieces which we use very often in our interior design projects. All of the below mentioned pieces are available to purchase online at Bloom&Wave.

Natural Rattan
Rattan Lounge Chair

How to take care of your rattan furniture

With synthetic rattan outdoor items the situation is very simple: using furniture covers will protect your rattan and will make it last longer, plus you will have much less cleaning to do. Another option is to bring your exterior furniture indoors or at least move them onto a covered terrace space.

Natural rattan on the other hand requires a bit more love. It is best to varnish them with linseed oil. Apply it with a brush, wait until the oil absorbs into the furniture and remove the excess with a soft cloth.

Rattan Flower Chair
rattan hanging chair
coffee table rattan

Other examples of rattan pieces you can find in our project portfolio here. For the full collection of beautiful rattan chairs, lounge chairs and coffee tables, please visit Bloom&Wave.

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