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Today we continue the topic of sustainable home décor. We have selected a new bunch of eco-friendly, young and inspiring ecommerce businesses to make your sustainable and conscious shopping experience easier. More environmentally-friendly brands appear on the European market every year, which can only make us happy about the fact that our society turns into more ethical and conscious way of living. Even though UK is for now a winner when it comes to proving consumers with eco-friendly choices, today we would like to introduce you to sustainable home décor makers from Denmark and Netherlands. Enjoy your reading.


Based in Copenhagen and founded in 2017, Tekla creates a wide range of sustainable home décor and practical items for everyday use. With their production in Portugal and Lithuania, in Tekla´s collection you will find beautiful bath robes, towels, bed linen and much more, all made of organic and Oeko-Tex certified cotton. The Oeko-Tex certification allows the brand to add bold colours to their fabric products without any harmful chemicals, which are usually found in mass produced textiles.


Wearth is more like an artisan eco-friendly market, but online. They collaborate with over 250 independent UK brands providing conscious shoppers with sustainable and ethical wide range of products in just one place. Even with such a large amount of makers, Wearth makes sure that all of them create vegan-friendly and cruelty-free goods, so customers can easily shop on their platform without worrying about any products being tested on animals. The company was launched in 2017 with their base in London.

Weaver Green

Now, this is one of the most original product materials with a huge story behind it. Weaver Green, owned by a wife and a husband, has its beginning in Asia, when the couple got inspired by the use of plastic bottles to produce a fishing rope. It took Tasha and Barney 7 YEARS to turn the idea into the final product they are providing today. Lots of research and hard work was involved in the development process but their motivation for recycling plastic bottles to products of everyday use was too strong to fail the project. Today Weaver Green offers a huge range of water-resistant, easy to clean and extremely hard wearing rugs, blankets, cushions which are perfect for interior and exterior use. Oh, and there are dog beds in their collection as well. Definitely worth checking out!

One Nine Eight Five

What makes this brand stand out from other eco-friendly homeware brand is the material they use to produce most of their cushions and throws. Founded in 2016, One Nine Eight Five offers sustainable home décor in bold colours, mostly in velvet finish and with playful tassel details. They work with recycled cotton and wool which came from leftover fabric from fashion factories. The brand collaborates with the last velvet maker in Britain, using traditional techniques in British mills which makes their products differ from other mostly linen-based sustainable textiles. One Nine Eight Five also gives 15% of their profits to British charities. Check out their colourful and fun collection of velvet goods and add some originality to your interior by supporting those in need at the same time.

Brandt Kaarsen

Founded in 2015, Brandt Kaarsen is a Dutch company creating scented soy candles. Poured into stylish glass containers these plant based and 100% vegan candles can be a great sustainable home décor accent in every room or bathroom. All their candles are made by hand with soy wax and natural oils for a delicate fragrance. They also take care of the packaging by using eco ink and recycled paper for their labels as well as recycled card for their boxes. They deliver all over Europe.

We can clearly see that sustainable home décor is a barely new trend in Europe. Most companies with their beginnings between 2015 and 2017 are however getting more recognised and we, as consumers, start to reach for them more often. We believe that during the current pandemic situation, the buyers became more aware of how important it is to support local businesses, which is the first step to start shopping in an eco-friendly and ethical manner. Consumers all over the world are overwhelmed with the choice of products available on the market, but it is important to look at the manufacturer´s label before putting the item to the shopping basket. By shopping consciously we can not only help the makers and our local economy, but also our environment and at the same time we help ourselves.


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