‘Fashion comes and goes but style lasts forever’. The famous quote of Coco Chanel can be applied also when it comes to interior design. This post will help you to design a kitchen that will stand the test of time.


Timeless Kitchen

For many people kitchen plays a very important role in their everyday living. It’s a space used by all the family members (sometimes all of them at the same time!) so it’s important that, apart from looking great, it functions perfectly. If you want your kitchen to last and look current after ten or even twenty years, we recommend leaving the trends on the side and making the space to fit your lifestyle. Read on to find out what are the tips to help you design a timeless kitchen.

kitchen design


Whites and Neutral Colours

You can’t go wrong with white furniture in your kitchen. White, as well as all neutral colours are not going out of style. With many hues of whites and neutrals, you can create colder or warmer feeling in your kitchen, depending on your taste. For a pop of bold colour to create some contrast, we suggest using accessories (like chairs, plates etc) that can be easily replaced after a few years and it will not cost you a fortune.

white kitchen design


Quartz Countertops

Quartz, as one of the hardest countertop materials is resistant to scratches and burns. Quartz countertops are made 94% of ground quartz combined with resin, glass flecks and pigments. This mixture allows you to choose from a wide variety of colours and effects for your perfect countertop. Another advantage of a quartz countertop is its texture, which doesn’t allow bacteria to grow and resists against stains, protecting your family and making kitchen clean-up easy.

quartz countertop


LED Lighting

LED lights can create a beautiful feature when installed under the floating cabinets, under the countertops or inside shelving units. Also you can’t go wrong with installing the LED tape in moulding on your ceiling. The LED stripe offers many different colours to choose from, but we recommend sticking to warm, neutral or cool whites. The most important benefit of using LED lights is that they are much more efficient and longer-lasting than halogen and fluorescent bulbs.

led lighting design


Kitchen island

Kitchen island is a good solution not only in open layouts. It creates a feeling of a more sophisticated space and more importantly, it can provide additional storage and valuable prep space. Kitchen island can be also used as a breakfast bar, especially when you don’t have enough space for a table in your kitchen.

kitchen island design


Built in Appliances

Another design solution that will make your kitchen timeless is integrating the kitchen appliances inside the furniture. Yes, the market is full of beautiful, expensive looking fridges, dishwashers and washing machines, but remember, all of them will be replaced by newer models in a few months. Apart from this, it will cost you less to replace scratched door of a cabinet than damaged electrodomestics.

built in applinces



One of our favourite ways to make interior warmer and more cosy is to integrate wooden elements into the designs. It is also a good solution for kitchen design. Try using wooden panelling on the base of your kitchen island or simply as a door of cabinets. You can never go wrong with wooden floor which in the kitchen can be achieved by installing porcelain or ceramic wooden-looking panels. They create warmer atmosphere in your kitchen but are much more resistant and easy to clean than standard wooden floor.

wooden floor


Make it Functional!

Last but not least – remember that it’s all about you, your needs and your lifestyle. Concentrate on creating a layout that will suit you and make you feel comfortable in the space. Why would you have just one fridge? You can easily incorporate another smaller fridge for example in your kitchen island, if you feel like you need some extra cooling space. Why would you keep just cutlery in your drawers? Make deeper drawers in your kitchen furniture to make storing pans and plates easier and more accessible. There are many solutions to make your kitchen function the way you want it. And what is great about it, is that we can always help you to make it look spectacular.

functional kitchen design


Take a look at our latest project to find out how we designed a perfect timeless kitchen for our client. And what is your preferred style when it comes to kitchen design? Let us know in the comment box!

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