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As this year is almost over, it’s time to discuss which interior design trends will define the year to come. In this post we will concentrate on colour trends, which has a very powerful influence on interior design. While this year was all about emerald green and tropical motives, we can clearly see that the upcoming trends in home décor for 2018 are spinning around smoky shades of blue.


A Bit About Blue

Because blue is usually linked to the sky or water, most people associate blue with peace, tranquillity and relax. The research conducted at University of British Columbia has shown that blue colour also boosts our creativity. The fact that blue helps us to be calm and relaxed also makes people feel safe about being innovative and exploratory. Makes sense.

Blue it’s considered a ‘safe’ colour that most people have nothing against it. It is used very often as a primary colour of many businesses and companies – look at Facebook or Twitter. Blue can become a background for almost any other colour if the tones are chosen correctly.  It is important to remember that it can create a very cold feeling which – in interior design – can be seen as unpleasant and unwelcoming.

To avoid this, we recommend using textures what feel warm and soft. Adding velvet cushions, wool rugs and fur blankets will make the space feel more cosy and comfortable.

Design in Blue

Our favourite are definitely the new fabric collections made by Zinc, which we found very inspiring, not to mention the Bonheur collection (inspired by the iconic Chanel jackets) which deserves a separate post.

zinc collection 1


zinc collection 2


Mixing cool blue with natural leather and wood will also create a warmer feeling and a very sophisticated look.


blue interior design


Let’s take a look at what other designers have created with the smoky blue palette.

rugs by designers guild

Rugs by Designers Guild


fendi casa decor

Furniture by Fendi Casa

jean paul gaulltier cushions

Cushions by Jean Paul Gaultier

Blue will definitely dominate the upcoming seasons with wall paints, wallpapers, furniture and accessories. And how do you feel about having blue in your interior? Are you ready to refresh your place? Let us know in the comments!

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