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Wood is one of those evergreen materials that can make a space seem inherently warmer. It’s highly cozy and has the ability to make an interior seem comfortable. It’s natural propensity towards comfort has made it one of the most beloved materials in the design industry. At Salanora, we love using wood in all of its forms – various textures and materials – in all of our interior design projects at Costa del Sol. So today, we’ll be featuring 5 clever ways you can introduce wooden texture into your space.

Accent Furniture

Accent furniture is quite the trendsetting event of this century. While mostly done in bold, vivacious colours, wood is also an excellent choice to emulate in minimalistic, austere and otherwise modern interior designs. In fact, it’s our go-to material while designing popular Scandinavian interior designs in Marbella and the rest of Costa Del Sol. Wood looks especially charming when set up against stark white backdrops, so wooden textured accent furniture in such interior design styles looks quite stunning. 

You can find collections of wooden side tables and stools at Bloom&Wave.

Accent Walls

Wooden textured accent walls are the next big thing – especially in homes that feature understated and graceful modern themes. Many of our modern, minimal  Scandinavian interior designs in Marbella and the rest of Spain feature such accent walls. We love the infinite options that can be used to make the best of this material. Darker textures of wood can be used to craft elaborate traditional designs, while the lighter tones, clean lines and grooving and help evoke a contemporary vibe.

Wooden accessories

Accessorizing is an integral part of any interior design, and using wooden décor in your spaces can imbue an inherent charisma. If you’re wondering what kind of accessories you may use, think custom wooden vases, personalized shelving, triptych artwork with wooden marquetry, wooden light fixtures and more. All of these items have quite a stylish aura that can make your interiors seem infinitely more attractive. There are a number of interior designs in Marbella that use this tried-and-true hack to make the ambiance more approachable. You can do the same with your own space.


What’s an interior design without a nicely designed floor? Incomplete. While there are a number of creative options you can use to spruce up your floors, none can quite beat the universal beauty of wooden floors. If a natural wooden floor is too much hustle for you, there are unlimited wooden looking options in form of porcelain tiles, which don´r require any maintenance. We use all of these materials in a number of our interior designs in Marbella, Costa Del Sol and the rest of Spain.


These days, interesting ceiling designs have become all the rage, and introducing wooden texture in the mix has definitely taken this trend to a whole new level. They have an ability to make any interior seem charming, elegantly understated and warm. We often like to use wooden texture in upscale commercial projects and contemporary residential projects.

So these are some creative ways you can introduce wooden textures in your interior to make it seem warmer, cozier and more interesting.

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