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Porcelain tiles are an upgraded, universally beloved evolution of typical tiling used in the past. Not only are they more durable, but they are also available in a wide variety of colors, textures and forms that can take your home interior to a whole new level. At Salanora, we love taking advantage of this amazing material – a number of our interior designs in Marbella, Costa Del Sol and the rest of Spain have porcelain tile wall and floor installations. We love its wide diversity and versatility so today we’ll be sharing 5 sophisticated ways you can upgrade your spaces with porcelain tiles!


Bathrooms & Shower Stalls

What’s the most frequently used and abused part of your bathroom? The shower stall! Due to frequent exposure to water, lower quality tiles can be susceptible to calcium deposits and even start losing their colouring. But not porcelain tiles! They are hard-wearing and absolutely resilient, which makes them the perfect fit for installing in all manner and sizes of bathroom interiors. You can customize the aesthetic by picking and choosing the tile combinations of your liking. Quite a few of our interior designs in Marbella and Costa Del Sol feature such bathrooms!


porcelanosa xlight bathroom


porcelanosa floor bathroom tile


porcelanosa xlight bathroom 2


Wall Tiles

Porcelain tiles are not simply used in bathrooms – in fact, they are versatile enough to be used in a number of interior design settings. Need a textured feature wall for your bedroom? Porcelain wall tiles are perfect for the job! Need an industrial style cloudy grey backdrop for your media console? You can go for large format porcelain tiles to create such a backdrop. The new X-Light collection of Porcelanosa offers sizes up to 300x100cm! Moreover, there are a number of unique textures you can find in the Porcelanosa catalogue which you can use to custom design the wall-features of your home.


porcelanosa xlight large format 2

porcelanosa xlight large format 1

porcelanosa xlight wall tile 2


porcelanosa xlight wall tile 4


porcelanosa xlight wall tile


Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles are the perfect flooring material choice for commercial and retail projects that see a lot of regular foot traffic. This can cause a lot of wear and tear very quickly. Low quality tiles may even lose their lustre. At Salanora, we frequently use floor porcelain tiles in a number of our commercial and residential interior designs in Marbella and around Costa Del Sol. We find that they’re highly durable and can last a long time in places where other tiles may succumb to wear. The can perfectly imitate natural materials like marble or wood by still keeping easy maintenance of porcelain.


porcelanosa floor tile


porcelanosa floor tile 3


porcelanosa floor tile 2



High-end Marble and Wood Imitations

Every interior designer already knows that authentic marble and natural wood and can easily lose its lustre when not properly maintained. This is why porcelain tiles are such an amazing alternative. They are usually available in both matt, satin and gloss finish, to help you to create both, classical and contemporary ambiances, depending your taste and style. At Salanora, we find the hard-wearing versatility of marble and wood textured porcelain tiles to be very appreciated by our clients and use them in many our interior design projects.


porcelanosa xlight wood and marble 2


porcelanosa xlight wood and marble 4



Easy Installation & Colour Matching

Lastly, one of the greatest benefits of using porcelain tiles in your interior design is how they are extremely easy to install. Moreover, the diverse collection of colours and textures also allows you to personalize the ambiance and be an integral part of the design process. It’s the perfect material choice for all sorts of interior design projects – from residential through retail to commercial ones.


porcelanosa xlight colour match


porcelanosa xlight colour match 2



So these are the benefits and versatile usage of porcelain tiles. We hope we gave you some useful tips and ideas on how you can use it in your own projects! For more inspiration visit


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