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Summer is generally known as the best time for holidays. This is the period when families get to have reunions, old school pals having to get together, or even co-workers having the off period to hook up and discuss things other than work. Consequently, in times like this, we often mingle in the backyard, open space, or some kind of terrace area. So if you’re planning to have one of those sessions among your lovely ones, and you’re thinking of how to spice things up, here are 6 top trends for terrace design this summer you can consider.

Rattan Terrace Design

One of the foremost terrace design out there. Whether interior home design or outdoor furniture design, the use of rattan for terrace design is an elegant choice to consider. Rattan terrace furniture offer a classic look, simplicity, eco-friendly, and a vintage style. A perfect choice to enhance your home decoration without necessarily going over your budget.

rattan terrace design

Wooden Terrace Design

Arguably the most common terrace design in many homes. Wooden terrace furniture can be easier to construct. The design furniture can be gotten quickly, and then installed by home design experts like Salanora. Regardless of where you are, the use of wooden terrace design is a good fit for decorating a home. If well maintained, wooden terrace furniture can last for many years and with age, they only get more character.

wooden terrace design

Steel Terrace Design

Even though nothing lasts forever, but the use of steel terrace furniture allows you to design your terrace with material that can last longer for many summers, even for a whole lifetime if managed properly. Experts in home decoration like Salanora are an excellent choice to call upon for your steel terrace design installation. Whether you want a permanent installation or a temporary one where you can easily remove till your next use, Salanora got you covered.

steal terrace design

Smart Security Lights

One of the topmost trends for terrace design this summer is Smart Security Lighting. Here, the terrace surroundings are decorated with some smart lights that have motion sensors. These smart security lights are installed in such a way that give smart outdoor lighting options a quick way into the living spaces. Design with the latest technology, the Smart Security Light is controlled by a mobile app or via voice commands, including wireless setup and scheduling capabilities.


Pergolas is also one of the trendy terrace or outdoor designs you could try out this summer. If you are looking for a combination of clean white vinyl to rustic heavy wooden timbers, pergolas are your best bet, and they can be installed in multiple great materials to adorn your outdoor design ideas. Not only that, you get to enjoy a retractable sunshade as well as fully covered roofs that combines sleek flat space with a large sundeck.

pergola terrace

Outdoor Decorative Objects

To follow some of the latest trends for terrace design this summer requires the use of some of the contemporary outdoor decorative objects. These objects certainly give new and different dimensions to the overall look of the terrace designs in homes or mini-parks. Because at Salanora we always like to keep things minimal, the modern outdoor decorative objects mostly include pots for plans, outdoor vases and different types of lanterns. Currently, we are big fans of these eco-friendly solar lanterns by La Gubia:

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