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Designing an interior space can be quite tedious and stressful, since it involves lots of planning, coordination with designers, contractors, painters, carpenters, vendors, electricians etc. Finding the right people, having them on the same platform and communicating the same requirements to each person is not an easy job. The lack of sync usually results in delays, miscommunication and an improper implementation and execution of the design. This is why a turnkey interior design solution has been introduced in the design industry.

What is turnkey interior design

A turnkey interior design solution is a service that combines interior design and interior architecture all under one roof. Usually most interior design firms provide design service but the architecture and construction is carried out by another company. Over here, everything is taken care of by one company, from layout, building, design conceptualization to execution. In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of turnkey interior design.

Time management and effective communication

Combining different services can be quite time consuming, especially when different vendors are involved. A project cannot continue seamlessly, if different contractors don’t complete on time. This can result to delay in handing over the site to the owner. At the same time, to communicate similar instructions to different contractors can result to lack of coordination and difference of opinions. A turnkey interior design firm contributes to effective communication and time management as there is just one point of contact for the whole project.

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Cost effectiveness

When there are too many professionals involved in a single project, it increases the overall cost of the project, because every hired professional is paid individually. This sometimes makes the cost exceed the overall budget assigned for the project. In turnkey interior design, client budget can be given to the company, or the company provides the quotation prior to execution. Another benefit is that there is no separate fee for the designer and the company has pre-fixed rates with their regular suppliers and professionals. This reduces the overall cost, ensures proper budget analysis and tracking of accounts.

Better design implementation and high quality

Since there is just one company involved in a turnkey interior design project, there is a much better streamlined process which results to better design implementation and a guaranteed quality outcome. This is because a project manager handles the project from concept to execution, setting a level of quality for each professional involved in the process. The manager makes sure that they meet up to the required standard with less setbacks and faults, delivering a high quality project to the client in the end.

Future maintenance and service

One of the greatest benefits of having a turnkey interior design project is the maintenance and service that is offered by the company post completion of the project. In case a service or maintenance is required, all the client has to do is contact the design firm who then handles the repairs, service warranties and coordinates with the professional directly.

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Hassle free solution

The integrated solution provided by a turnkey interior design company minimizes the overall stress of handling a project. It is completely hassle free since it has just one-point contact who takes entire responsibility of the project from start to finish with different professionals and vendors, all under one roof. This results to proper administration of the project in a timely manner.

To sum up, a turnkey interior solution is a win-win situation for the client as well as the design firm.  You can read more about our turnkey service here.

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