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Every year we are all in search of the perfect Christmas gift for our family members and friends. Some of us hunt for the best deal already in summer sales or during the black Friday/cyber Monday days. Others, usually absorbed in everyday tasks, leave the Christmas gift shopping to the last minute.  In reality, the planning of Christmas shopping can save us money – and of course we skip the stress caused by running around shopping mall on Christmas day – but most importantly it will save us our precious time. So for those not very organized and for those who simply run out of ideas for the perfect Christmas gift, here is a list of a few ones that every interior design lover will be happy to get.

Something for Kitchen and Dining

Everyone with passion for interior decoration loves to invite guests for lunch, coffee or dinner and they love even more to hear how amazing hosts they are and how lovely their place look like. A Christmas dinner is one of the special occasions when we all want our table to look elegant and festive and the interior design lovers will take a special care of every detail on the table. A new piece of tableware, a tea set or a fancy kitchen accessory for sure will make a good Christmas gift for them.

Rockett St George - Porcelain Lazy Rabbit Cupcake Plate
bowl alessi
Alessi - Fruit Bowl
Seletti - Coffee Cup with Saucer
ALESSI black kettle
Alessi - Electric Kettle


An interior design project would never be completed without books: coffee table books and decorative books filling up shelving units are always a must when it comes to interior decoration. To style up a book display and to make sure the books look neat and tiny on a shelf, the best solution are bookends. As a Christmas gift for book lovers with passion for interior design invest in a funky set of bookends. They are available in so many different styles, colours and materials so the choice is up to you.

Kare design bookends
Kare Design - Metal Monkey Bookend
rockett st george bookends
Rockett St George - Gold Pushing Men Bookend
Kare Design - Elephant Bookends

Plant Pots and Flower Vases

Another thing that can never be missed in an interior of a design lover are flowers and plants. Artificial or real ones, they add live to every space and the plant pots and vases are always carefully selected to match the interior style of the place. For those who love fresh flowers at home and for those surrounded by plants, choose a special pot or vase that will catch people´s attention. It´s a Christmas gift which can be used all year round.

kare design face pot
Kare Design - Ceramic Face Pot
rockett st george plant pot gold
Rockett St George - Metal Face Herb Pot
kare design black flower pot
Kare Design - Black Dog Plant Pot

Candles and Scents

Everyone loves the smell of Christmas. For some it is cinnamon, gingerbread and oranges, for others it´s the smell of a Christmas tree. People tend to change the scent of candles and room sprays season. Choose either something festive or an everyday delicate scent. You can also go for a stylish candle holder if you´re not sure about fragrances.

Alessi - Room Spray
kare candle holders
Kare Design - Glass Candle Holders
Jo Malone - Home Candle

Other Decorative Objects

Unique Christmas ornaments are always a good choice for a Christmas gift. Some of them can get a bit pricy so don´t feel obligated to buy an entire pack of 25 Christmas baubles. It´s better to invest in one, beautifully packed, that can mean something to both of you. Another option for a present can be something more practical, yet still decorative, like bottle openers, throws and blankets or a set of Christmas tea towels.

seletti bauble
Seletti - Christmas Ornament
Rockett St George - Festive Tea Towel
alessi bauble
Alessi - Christmas Ornament
Rockett St George - Set of Gold Bee Magnets

The options are endless. The key is to match the gift to its receiver. We hope this list will help you with your Christmas gift shopping this year and maybe it will serve you as a guide for gifts for other occasions. Happy shopping!

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