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With the overarching success of the industrial style all over the world, the use of concrete as a decorative element has become quite common. At Salanora we strive to bring the top trends in interior design to all our ventures in Spain; be it Marbella, Estepona, Malaga or more. From the subtle tones of Scandinavian interior designs in Costa Del Sol to all the phenomenon of introducing concrete textures and furnishings in all sorts of projects in Marbella, we know how to keep on top of popular trends.

As such, today we’ll be sharing a few ways you can introduce concrete as a decorative element in your interior.


Concrete Accent Walls

Accent walls are a crucial part of all sorts of projects, be it residential design, commercial design or even retail design. An eye-catching feature wall can uplift even the drabbest of interior designs. However, choosing the perfect material to highlight this wall can be a challenging task – it needs to be statement worthy without being loud or glaringly vivacious.


This is why concrete texture is perfect for designing such walls. It effortlessly emulates an austere sophistication and elegance that can ever be evoked through any other material. Moreover, you can even experiment with different materials in concrete-like textures. Wallpapers and decorative wall tiles are a nice alternative to actual concrete. You can even play with creative designs by going for customized grooving’s and other carved designs in concrete accent walls.

concrete accent wall


concrete wall


Concrete Coffee Tables

The coffee table is essentially the centerpiece of a living room, and its design reflects a lot on the overall ambiance of the space. Concrete coffee tables feature a subtle, understated beauty along with a sculptural elegance that befit the popular Scandinavian interior designs in Costa Del Sol. Even when its not, a concrete coffee table often evokes the vibe of a designer furniture piece.


They come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and creative designs – from round to square to rectangular and sometimes even mixed with metal frames. Moreover, it’s a material that is highly versatile in aesthetics. It can easily seem at home in a stunning industrial style ambiance, but would look just as good in vintage, retro, Scandinavian, modern and contemporary style interior designs.

concrete coffee table


concrete coffee tables


Concrete End Tables

End tables are usually placed on either side of a feature couch or sectional to give them a complete and holistic outlook. They’re basically a full-stop element, which means that they need to feature a certain eye-catching aesthetic in order to be truly noticed. Most of our interior designs in Marbella are based on creative furnishings, which is why we highly appreciate the unique style of concrete end tables.

Sometimes, it´s good to use more than one side tables on either side of a couch to emulate a distinctive aura. Concrete end tables that come in pairs usually have similar designs but height variations, that give them a nice visual diversity. Their creative designs are highly appreciated all over the world.

concrete side table


concrete side tables


Concrete Lamps

As far as light fixtures are concerned, concrete is one of the sturdiest materials you could go for. Concrete lamps are designed in all sorts of genres, including pendant lights, floor lamps and even table lamps. As such, they are available in a vast array of creative designs that can brighten up even the moodiest of interior designs. These fixtures can be used in a number of interior design styles, including modern, industrial, contemporary and even the Scandinavian interiors designs in Costa Del Sol.

concrete lamps


concrete table lampAs you can see, concrete as a decorative element is quite versatile and visually flexible. We, at Salanora use all sorts of these furnishings and accessories to beautify our interior designs in Costa del Sol and all over Spain.

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