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Sometimes you just want to enrich your villa’s interior design, kitchen design, or any part of your apartments’ or houses’ full interior design. Now, whether you want a quick pick-me-up for your home, or you want a more drastic transformation, you can give it a shot using DIY interior projects. There are many things that can be done to make your home look more pleasant without too much effort. We at Salanora would like to encourage you to try these cool DIY projects and have fun while you make these creative designs!

Make a hanger out of a ladder

ladder hanger 2


ladder hanger 1


If you feel like your interior design is missing some buzz, you can try “spicing” things up with a cool hanger. Use a not too high ladder, the best type would be wooden, but you can use any type that fits well with the rest of your furniture. You can add hooks for hats, use it as racks for towels, or even hang plants and other decorations up there. You can paint it in any color that you find suitable according to your interior design.

Candle centerpiece

candle decor 3


candle decor 2


Adding candles to make the atmosphere cozier is always a good idea. If you are feeling creative, you can create an awesome candle centerpiece that can sit on your dining table or your living-room table. First, you need a type of a glass container. Here is where your creativity can play a big role. You can find a big cylinder glass container, you can use jars or small glass containers, or even wine glasses. Inside pour either colored or normal sand. You can add shells, pearls, rocks, pinecones, nutshells, or anything that would fit the seasonal décor. If it’s winter, you can add white sand and some of your Christmas decorations inside. In the middle add a big candle that will fit in color and shape to all the other details. Have fun with it and dig into your creativity.

A book side table

book side table 2


book side table 1


In the past, we actually used the big encyclopedias to find the information that we needed. Now, if you still have them they are probably gathering dust in some attic. A good way to use them in an interior project is to construct a side table for your living room out of them. You will need a wooden cycle board that will represent the top of the table. Color it in any color you want. Now for the encyclopedias, you can either glue them, add a pipe in the middle of them, use dowels. You can keep them all straight, or you can construct a slight twist to make the side table look even more interesting.

Floating Bookshelf

book shelving 1

book shelving 2


For all the bibliophiles that want to give smart elegance to their full interior design, this is an awesome idea. These floating bookshelves will draw everybody’s eyes to them, for sure! What you need to do is add one or two metal wall brackets. Pick a cool book that has hardcovers and glue it with the wall brackets in between the cover and the book. Once you make sure it’s secure, add more books on top of that. This will add personality to your home and work up the imagination of all of your visitors.



DIY’s can seem scary to many people, but once you try some of them you will see that they are usually not very hard. Moreover, they give an awesome sense of accomplishment and something you can brag about to your friends next time they come to visit.

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