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We all want a beautiful house and lovely interior decoration to match. However, observations have shown that many people, especially homeowners that go DIY for their interior decorations tend to make so many mistakes, such that in the end, the outcome is not always pleasant. So how would you know if you are making mistakes? Perhaps you may not notice, and we believe it’s our responsibility to let you realize if you are making these mistakes when decorating your interior and how to avoid them.

Starting without a plan

One of the biggest mistakes occupants tend to make when designing their interior decoration is the lack of planning. Surely, home decor is a thing of beauty and we want it to satisfy our taste. But it’s better to plan accordingly so the money can cover all the things that are needed without missing on some parts or buying inferior things for other parts just to make a complete setup. This also includes space planning. Read THIS post to find out how to plan your space according to your needs.

Not asking for help

Interior decoration is an art. Hence we can know if we are doing it right if quite a lot of people appreciate it, especially from the experts. Sometimes, asking a friend or colleague can do the trick. Just ask them what they think about it, or what they could do differently. Since nobody is an island of creativity, therefore seeking advice from people around you will certainly make things easier.

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Hiding your personality

Don’t shy away from making the interior decoration speak your body language or reveal your personality. Nothing beats a space that defines its occupants. Make the interior design speak volume. Add unique things that you fancy. It could be the color, pattern or furniture arrangement, just make sure you do it in proportion. Don’t overblow it especially if you like deep colors.

Not having a color-scheme

Color is art, and it defines interior decoration. No matter how you look at it. Aside from the wall paint, the furniture comes next. You need to get it right. Make sure all the pieces look good together in the space: walls, furniture and décor.

Repeated lighting fixtures

Regardless of where you are decorating, the lighting installed in the room certainly gives meaning, and that can change the whole perception. Don’t just use the same type of lighting for the whole room. Bedrooms lighting should be different from a living room. Get a different lamp for the dining area than the one that´s in the living room. They don´t need to be from the same collection or even the same material, as long as they complement each other. You should consider the room’s purpose before installing the light.

Not carrying out the necessary measurement

Measurements matter. Don’t just assume you can buy the things you need and then fix them in. It might not work the way you want it. The furniture shouldn’t be too big to consume a lot of space, neither should it be too high to affect the whole look of the whole design. The amount of furniture in each space is also very important. Make sure your rooms are not too crowded neither too empty.

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