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As Christmas time is approaching, it’s time to think about enriching the interior design of your home to fit the holiday spirit. We at Salanora would love to share some elegant Christmas ideas with everybody whether they’re from Costa del Sol, Marbella, or another place in the world. Between all the shopping, cooking, and present wrapping, often there’s little time left for cozying up your home. That’s why some early planning and easy ideas can go a long way.

Remove before you add

minimal decor


minimal decor 2

Before you try to add ornaments, decorations, and changes to your interior design, make sure you look around to see what’s causing a cluttered atmosphere. Over time, we tend to collect more than our house can handle, and occasions like Christmas can be a good motivation to de-clutter. Furthermore, if you have plenty of details in your full interior design, consider hiding some details to avoid the place looking too crowded with objects.

Pick a theme color

white christmas


green christmas treered christmas tree

Choosing one color and sticking to it will look very elegant, and would probably be a cheaper option that can be upgraded year by year. Although it sounds fun to change the tones of the decoration every Christmas, it will take much more money and time to do so. This way, you can just add more details in one color or color scheme every year. If you want to freshen up the decorations, you can always add one more color in combination with the one you have.

Try adding a rustic atmosphere

rustic christmas interior

rustic christmas interior 2

rustic christmas interior 3

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to “spice” your home up with some rustic flair. This will especially be a good idea if you already have wooden elements or brownish tones in your house or apartment. For this style, you should keep to the classics when it comes to decorations. A classic tree, needle pine garlands, and berry red flowers should overtake the place. Moreover, you can add some checkered patterns either on your tree or anywhere in the rooms. Checkered patterns, especially in red, somehow just give warmth and coziness. Create your own creative designs.

Keep it neutral



neutral 3

If you prefer to add elegance to your home rather than holiday coziness, we suggest you keep it neutral.  Not everybody’s full interior design is suitable for harsh red and green colors. Instead, you can add a white tree and decorations that are gold, champagne, and mercury gold. The neutral white-ish tones will keep your place inviting and increase the elegance while keeping the festive atmosphere.

Focus on one thing

focus 2


focus 3


Instead of spending a lot of money and time decorating every nook and cranny in your home, you can try to notch it up in one particular room. Most often, that room is the living-room since it’s the perfect room for displaying. You can go as dramatic as you want in this scenario adding elegant silver candle holders, winter flower arrangements, wood chargers, and placing some lush garland in the middle of the dining table. You can also try to bring Christmas to your kitchen. Instead of using your normal plates add some red plates and cups with white polka dots. Add pine needle arrangements for extra Christmas mood.

Don’t forget the lights


lights 2

lights 3

Lighting can make or break a room. If you’re trying to cozy up your place during the holiday season, adding some small lights will do the trick. Add then on your tree, on your windows, on your fireplace, the staircase, or anywhere else where you might want to. You can add fake candle lights or even the real ones. With real ones, you can choose Christmas smells like pine or cinnamon.


Whatever you choose to do for Christmas, don’t forget to relax and have fun with your loved ones.

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