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Small rooms can make you feel suffocated and uncomfortable. And yet, due to a number of reasons that could be the best you can do at the moment. Whether you are a student that has a tiny dorm room, or you just live in a city where the rent is skyrocketing so you need to settle for a smaller apartment—it doesn’t matter. Maybe in your house’s interior architecture, there is that one smaller room that you just want to improve. The truth is with a few tips and tricks you can visually make a small room look larger in Marbella, San Pedro de Alcantara, Málaga, or anywhere in the world.

Use colors wisely


small room design

small room design 2


Colors are very important when it comes to interior design. And not only in the context of setting the mood and giving out a certain vibe, but also in visually enlarging the place. Darker colors tend to absorb light as opposed to lighter colors that are reflecting it. This means that you should choose lighter colors for your walls, floor, and ceiling to give the illusion of a more spacious room in your apartment, villa, duplex, townhouse, or else.

Put an accent of the vertical

vertical stripes 2

vertical stripes

Vertical elements can help a lot by adding some personality to the place without making it look cramped. You can add vertical-striped wallpaper to one of the sides of the room, a vertical shelf, vertical shiplap, or some high floor lamps. These elements will create an illusion of a high, spacious room.


lighting design bathroom

natural light room

small room light


Lighting plays an enormous role in how your room will be perceived. The number one rule should be to let in as much natural light as possible. This is crucial for opening up the interior design of a small room. In this context, you should avoid adding drapes on your windows, or at least big colored ones. Keep them as small and as light-colored, as you can, or just add long vertical side drapes. If the room doesn’t get much natural light, install plenty of lighting features inside, but avoid the overhead lighting because it concentrates the light in one spot. Instead, put plenty of different lighting sources to spread the light evenly.

Keep it simple

minimalistic design

minimalistic interior

living room design


When you are limited with space, you have to keep in mind not to put too many things in the already small room. The room can very easily look cramped if you put one too many pictures on the wall. The trick to decorating a tiny space is to focus on one focal point. This means to add one object or feature that will draw most of the attention when you walk in the room. Depending on what the room will be used for, this focal point can vary. For example in the dining room, it would be the dining table. Try to keep the rest of the room organized and minimalistic. See an example of a minimalistic interior design here.

Use mirrors



mirrors 4

mirrors 5

mirrors 3


We already put an accent to light and how important it is in a small room especially. What else can reflect light more powerfully in interior design then mirrors? Placing the mirrors strategically on the opposite direction of the windows can give the illusion of more windows in the room. Moreover, mirrors do not only reflect light but they also reflect the view which again gives the illusion of more space to the eye.

All in all, having a small space is not a big problem if you use these tips and avoid clutter, dark colors, and huge pieces of furniture.

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