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2019 is coming to an end, and as we all know every end is a new beginning. This applies also for your full interior design as trends tend to change every year. Similarly to the fashion industry, every year there are different colors, patterns, and details that are considered to be “in”. It’s funny how these trends unite interior design projects no matter if you live in Puente Romano, La Zagaleta, London or New York. Applying some of these trends might be too complex, however, you can always draw inspiration from them. They can be very helpful if you need to decide on the full interior design in a new apartment, villa, townhouse, duplex, etc. That is why we at Salanora will keep you updated on the upcoming trends in 2020.

Patterns and prints

pattern 1

pattern 1


The past few years were more focused on keeping things simple trends. We heard how “less is more”, and how to use one of two color combinations. The trends seem to be moving away from this practice in the upcoming year. Next year, you’re allowed to go crazy with the patterns and prints. Vibrant colors, mixes of different patterns, different shapes and materials are all allowed. This way, you can really add some personality to your apartment, duplex, villa, or house. However, be careful not to go really overboard. You can find an example of this interior design trend in our projects of Villa Design in Nerja.

Biophilic designs

villa lounge

flower pattern 1


We, humans, have the ability to connect to nature on a deep level. And this is not a surprise since nature was our home for many, many years before we developed enough to build structures that we call our homes. In 2020, we will be turning once again to our mother nature. Adding as many natural elements to your house will give you serenity and freshness. The Scandinavian interior design continues will all the wooden elements. Bringing stone in the inside is also a step towards being trendy in the following year. Also, think about adding interior gardens as much as you can. You can read more about adding wooden elements to your house in this article.


wallpaper tecnografica

dressing room design

Wallpapers have been a big part of the interior design trends in the ’80s and ’90s, and now they’re back. Not the plain, toned-down wallpapers we’re used to, but wild eccentric ones. In 2020, floral and patterned wallpapers will be very trendy. Plenty of vibrant colors will be used, and once again you will have the opportunity to express your personality and creativity in your full interior design. Again, our favourite supplier when it comes to bold wallpaper patterns is the incredible Tecnografica.


neon lights 1

neon lights 1


A very unlikely and fun trend to come back. You are encouraged to use neon lights and colors to brighten up your place. This is quite a brave choice to give a pop to your room. If neon signs are too much for your taste, try to play with the neon colors. Strong yellow, shocking pink, lime green, navy blue—mix them all up to make a bold statement. Visit Neon Creations for more inspo on neon lights.

Get abstract


belin postneocubism 7


One of the more popular trends in 2020 will be inspired by abstract expressionist artwork. Adding geometrical shapes to your room, mixing colors and sketches will help you add the mystique vibe to your home. Don’t be afraid to be bold in the color and pattern choice since this trend follows the art movement of the expressionists which is to be okay with imperfection and add fluidity to the space. All of this you can find in our previous article on the graffiti artist Belin.

There are many other trends that will be used in the upcoming period like using tin interiors, curves and smooth designs, ceiling, and floors that make a statement, and more. But the one thing that will overpower is maximalism.






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