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The 21st century seems to be the renaissance of wallpapers in interior design, which is quite ironic because this particular mode of designing first gained popularity during the actual Renaissance era.

At Salanora, we appreciate the enervated past by emulating the classics in all our designs.  All of our projects feature buzzworthy trends, but nothing quite beats the versatile diversity of wallpapers. Many of our interior designs in Marbella and the rest of Spain have quite a few artistic iterations of wallpapers, so today we’ll be sharing a few tips on how you can transform your spaces with them. Let’s take a look:


On Accent Walls

While a full interior design needs to emulate a wholesome vibe, there always needs to be an accent/feature wall that becomes the focal point. There are many ways you can go about its design, but wallpapers tend to do the job in a totally impressive and impactful fashion. A bold pattern or vividly coloured wallpaper has the ability to redefine the quality of any space, which is why we like to use wallpapers to make a statement in many of our interior design projects in Marbella and rest of Costa del Sol.

accent walls elitis wallpaper 2


accent walls elitis wallpaper


Behind Statement Art

If you have the kind of aesthetic that appreciates understated elegance and statement accessorizing, then you’ll definitely appreciate how neutral-hued wallpapers can be used to enhance statement art pieces in interior designs. A nice silvery, beige or platinum shade with the barest of damask patterning can have a stunning impact on a full interior design.  We find that this technique works especially well in villas and penthouses, where statement art pieces are a par for course. However, they can certainly work well in retail and commercial projects as well.

behind statement casamance wallpaper 2


behind statement casamance wallpaper


Bold-Against-Plain Pattern

Sometimes, mixing up the plain and patterned parts of your interior design tends to spice things up a bit. This is when wallpapers come especially in handy – they can be easily used to enhance the overall outlook of your full interior design. We use this technique in many of our commercial and residential interior designs around Costa del Sol. Just putting the plain and bold surfaces side by side can spruce up the ambiance two-fold!




Customizing With The 3D Look

You can imbue an added depth and realistic integrity to your spaces with the help of customized 3D wallpapers or murals. You can select the images you like and have them printed out on a wallpaper that fits the dimension of your wall. This technique is perfect for bedrooms and hallways in villas and penthouses, however they can also make a huge impact and optically expand the space in an interior of a small apartment as well! The trick is to find an uninterrupted expanse of wall-space for them to truly shine.

3d wallpaper



Adding Drama With Interesting Backgrounds

Wallpapers are generally available in such a vast array of varieties. You can probably find a colour-pattern-price combination that easily suits any style of interior design, be it contemporary, traditional, retro or more. We usually like to incorporate an element of drama in all our interior designs in Marbella, Málaga and rest of Costa del Sol by using bits of wallpaper in niches, statement walls, mantle places and more. You can even match your wallpaper pattern with a bit of chintz upholstered furniture to make a memorable impression. This technique is perfect for small areas like cloak rooms or dressing rooms for adding that edgy look and making the space more interesting. This becomes easy to do once you’ve panned out the spaces you want to stand out in your full interior design.

drama backgrounds casamance wallpaper


drama backgrounds casamance wallpaper 2


So these are a few ways you can transform your interior spaces with the help of wallpapers – they’re tried, true and professionally recommended.

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