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Your Perfect Wardrobe

We all know how important it is to have a well-organized wardrobe where all the items are easily accessible. No one wants to squeeze their clothes on a tiny shelf without any order. We understand that, that’s why at Salanora we offer a bespoke furniture service and we will help you to create your dream closet.

Depending on the space you have available, you can choose between a spacious walk in closet or – in smaller spaces – an equally functional wardrobe. No matter which option you decide to go for, we will make sure that it looks beautiful, elegant and stylish. Our favourite brand when it comes to style and function of wardrobes is definitely Rimadesio – an innovative Italian company with its place on the market since 1956.


Before deciding on the look of your wardrobe, think first what you’re going to store in it. Decide which items you want to hang and which to fold – based on this we can arrange the layout and the number of shelves and space for hangers. If you own a lot of ties, scarves, belts and other small accessories, it would be very useful to place a few drawers in your closet. Using dividers in the drawers will help you to make the items more visible and accessible.

storage wardrobe design

If you like to separate your winter clothes from summer ones, use the vertical space of the room. In a wardrobe that’s floor to ceiling tall, the space at the top can be used as a storage of clothes that are waiting for another season.

wardrobe with doorLook

Wood doesn’t have to be the only material for making your closet. Get creative and mix wood with metals, glass and even stone. The image below shows how your wardrobe can incorporate a mix of materials in a very stylish way:

materials wardrobe design

You can’t forget about another very important aspect which is lighting. Sunlight is always a perfect option, unfortunately not always available. Make sure that the light which illuminates your closet (and your clothes) has a natural tone – don’t go for too cold nor too warm white.

lighting wardrobe design

In a dressing room, you can find useful to place a pouf or a chair, to help you while trying on clothes, especially shoes. A small rug is also a good idea for keeping the floor warmer. And of course, don’t forget a mirror – the bigger the better.

island wardrobe design

To have a perfect wardrobe or a walk in closet it’s easier than you think and our designers can help you achieve it. We always make sure that the space is both functional and stylish. Let us find the solution you are looking for. Contact us at or call 0034 687877523 to start creating your bespoke closet today!


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