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Designed and Project Managed by: Sandra Kurasz and Udesign Marbella 

Interior Design Puerto Banús

Changing the look of Don Leone Restaurant to a modern, fresh and bright space with pops of bold colors as well as the unique black and white zig-zag floor which makes the restaurant stand out from the row of properties in Puerto Banus.

Just after the re-inauguration,  this totally renovated restaurant Don Leone Puerto Banus, catched the attention of all the people passing by, improving not only restaurant’s image but also the amount of clients and reservations. A successful interior design project in Puerto Banus.

Branding Design in Costa del Sol

By designing a new logo, new menu and business cards we created a totally new brand for the restaurant. Taking inspiration from the original logo of the restaurant from 1972 (a head of a lion) we transformed the Mr. Lion to fit in 2017 lifestyle. The new graphics also contain the main colors of the interior design to make a prefect match together.


  • Furniture layout

  • Renovation of existing tables and chairs

  • Production of new furniture

  • Graphic Design

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