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villa lounge design
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villa bedroom design
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dressing room design


Designed by: Sandra Kurasz and Raul Vera

Interior Design of a Contemporary Villa

This private villa design in Nerja was designed in a contemporary style with a mix of masculine and feminime elements. Spacious master bedroom with ensuite bathroom and a spectacular dressing room of more than 100m2 with a swimming pool visible through the ceiling required a perfect balance of colour and light. We used black marble tiles as our main element of decor. We added a large scale floral mural (TECNOGRAFICA) and velvet fabrics for a feminime touch. Smoked glass in dressing room was installed for a sophisticated and elegant look and an artificial vertical garden was placed to add a warmer feeling to the space. The theme flows through the entire first floor of the villa: from the master to the guest bedroom. This villa design in Nerja in a perfect example of how feminime and masculine elements can work together if designed correctly.



  • Concept

  • Furniture Layout

  • Selection of materials

  • 3D Renderings

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