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Designed by: Sandra Kurasz 

Interior Design Concept

Hotel bar and lobby in Costa del Sol designed to match the popular touristic part of Spain by blending contemporary style with traditional Andalucian elements. Idea of bringing outside to the inside by applying maximum of natural light and using exterior materials in the interior space.



60m2 of open space with fully equipped rear and front bar. Lounge areas on both sides of the space, by the windows with spectacular views of Costa del Sol. The central feature of the space is a double sided bench with
a dividing screen. Male and female bathrooms with access for people with disabilities.



OLIVE WOOD – it´s irregular shape makes each piece different and original. Very decorative and durable, used for table tops, bar top and door.

RATTAN – bringing outdoor to the interior: used for armchairs to resemble traditional mediterranian terrace look.

EARTH TILES – very popular in south of Spain terracotta tiles with a more contemporary touch of colour. Highlighting the central part of the space even more with traditional checker design.


Accessories and Decor

FABRICS – all washable and fire retandant fabrics with bold colours and patterns characteristic for andalusian style

LIGHTING – pendant metal lanthers to resemble an outdoor look

POTS AND PLANTS – another of typical andalusian accents creating an outdoor feeling indoor

DECORATIVE SCREENS – a touch of arabic
patterns very decorative and very popular in south of Spain




  • Concept

  • Furniture Layout

  • Selection of local materials

  • 3D Renderings

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