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Designed by: Sandra Kurasz and Raul Vera

Apartment in Malaga Designed in a Minimalistic Scandinavian Style


For us, Scandinavian Design is a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics. By demolishing some of the partition walls we created a bigger space and allowed the sunlight to get into every corner of the flat.

For this interior design project, we also added a palette of light neutral colors to make the new interior even brighter and more spatial. As a result, we had a beautiful base for the scandinavian style, which our client requested.

Because we didn’t want to leave the place cold and unwelcoming, we incorporated into the design and decoration, the use of natural materials. Therefore oak, linen and cotton, as well as the delicate pops of colors made the space warmer with a very homely feel.

This mix of functionality, simplicity and beauty in this Scandinavian Design project turned out to be exactly what our clients wanted.


  • Furniture Layout

  • 3D Renderings

  • Selection of materials

  • Design and Production of Bespoke Furniture

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  1. A minimalistic design will prove to you that less is more. Its simplicity can bring you beauty and elegance just like this apartment. It is so refreshing in the eyes as well.

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